I bring you warm greetings from the team at Atii & Kati Limited.Without people like you believing in our dream, we would not have made it this far. Thank you once again.

At Atii & Kati, like we prefer to shorten it, we pride ourselves to being a leading Public Relations & Events Company operating in Uganda. We believe that everything one does and says communicates. With this mind set, we know when to talk to the media, we know when to keep quiet, we know when to hold a Press conference, we know when to dispatch a Press release, we know how to make events newsworthy, we know how to keep the Media asking for more,  try us……we understand PR Power.

Having worked for several PR firms before, we’ve amassed massive experience to know what works, and what doesn’t work in the game of PR. Most of all, we believe that no client is too big or too small for us. We prefer at all times to give each of our clients, the attention they deserve.Anyone that has worked with us will tell you about how intimate our services are when it comes to building goodwill for our clients.

In my opinion, PR is not about mere spinning, but a game through which behaviour, attitudes and perceptions of people can be transformed to create goodwill. PR therefore is ‘the process of managing how, when and in what way you communicate’, which of course, ultimately influences ‘the behaviour, attitude and perceptions of those important to you’.

Like many locally owned companies, our journey has been one of commitment, hard work and full time concentration. Having started in 2010, we pride ourselves to being a fast growing company built by the clients’’ we serve.

Be part of the winning team.

To God, we give all the glory

Joan Kataike
Managing Director
Atii & Kati Limited